Bringing innovative industrial biotechnology research to the market

Inbiose NV

Inbiose was founded mid 2013, as spin-off company from Ghent University, Belgium. We developed a versatile generic production platform for the manufacturing and supply of specialty carbohydrates. Specialty carbohydrates are high added value rare and complex carbohydrates that are difficult or impossible to produce with conventional technologies (extraction from nature, chemical and enzymatic synthesis). Many applications were hampered until today by the production cost and very limited availability. Inbiose can now tackle these technological issues.

Our efficient technology permits cost-competitive positioning of our specialty carbohydrates in existing markets such as innovative ingredients for infant food formula (human milk oligosaccharides), prebiotics, Cosmetics, beverages, novel food ingredients for health nutrition, and related pharmaceutical markets.

Meaning of the partner to the project: from a engineered production system to a product for a market

Within the frame of IB2market, Inbiose as a market driven and economic viability driven company, will provide the relevant platform technology enabling the production of L-Fucose and Fucosylated related compounds.
Inbiose owns the product line of specialty carbohydrates that is assessed for its market viability in this project. The team will assess market segments of specific product lines and the cost calculation of the production processes, and therefore, in collaboration with the marketing partners evaluate the economical viability of the target molecules.
Through our business development team, market intelligence will be gathered to ensure product specifications per applications and market demand are met.
In a nutshell, Thanks to its core comptences Inbiose will coordinate & ensure :

  • scale up and downstream processing and the production of small batches of product, 
  • the scientific problems that occur during scale up 
  • streamlined technology transfer between process engineering and R&D. 
  • Technology optimization guided by the market demands (Productivity, producing strain design strategy)
  • Market intelligence and potential customer product requirement (Regulatory pathways, target price, product specifications, marketing & benchmarking)