Bringing innovative industrial biotechnology research to the market

Ghent University

Today, after decades of uninterrupted growth, Ghent University is one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in the Low Countries. Ghent University is an open, committed and pluralistic university with a broad international perspective.

The 12 faculty departments covering various topics such as medicine and pharma, exact and natural sciences, social and political sciences, etc. and harbors 41,000 students and 9,000 staff members.

The Centre of Expertise for Industrial Biotechnology and Biocatalysis (www.inbio.be) is part of the faculty of Bioscience Engineering and has a strong track record in industrial biotechnology. Its research is focusing on bio-surfactants, metabolic engineering and modeling, carbohydrate bio-engineering, biocatalysis, directed evolution and protein engineering. Its expertise also covers the development and optimization of fermentation processes and the subsequent down-stream processing for purification of the molecules. The full research group consists of about 40 people, whose research activities have resulted in numerous publications, PhD theses, patents and industrial applications, developed in collaboration with industry.


Meaning of the partner to the project

InBio.be brings in its expertise on biosurfactants and the producing strain. Indeed, InBio.be build up a substantial expertise in the characterisation, biosynthesis and production of glycolipidic biosurfactants and can be considered as one of the pioneering groups in the genetic engineering of biosurfactant producers. InBio.be will contribute to the development an optimized and industrial relevant fermentation and product recovery process , in this way building the bio-based economy and bring industrial biotech to the market.