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EOC Belgium

The main activity of the EOC Group’s Surfactants division is to produce high-quality, mild surface-active substances for the cosmetics and detergents industries. These products are the basic ingredients for foaming cosmetics (shampoos, shower gels) and liquid detergents (washing-up liquids). Eight years after it came into being, in 1990, the Surfactants division of EOC was already an independent public limited company with production sites across Europe. Since then there has been further expansion with more European branches and a second factory in Belgium. These entities work closely with their customers. In this way EOC is able to offer optimal technical support and a fast and appropriate response to all demands from the market, in any part of the world. The engine behind this lasting growth is consistent quality and a high degree of purity. Flexible service is another strong point: as a medium-sized supplier, EOC is perfectly placed to manufacture and deliver products with special specifications. EOC also offers a complete range of additives for foaming cosmetics products. These ingredients are used to give a product its characteristic visual, physical and/or dermatological properties.


Meaning of the partner to the project

EOC has an extensive knowledge of the product performance required in the detergents and cosmetics market and is therefore perfectly placed to assess the capacity of the sophorolipids to meet or exceed those requirements. With its broad customer base in the end industry EOC is also a prime partner to make a judgment on the ability of the sophorolipids to make significant sales into these markets.

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