Bringing innovative industrial biotechnology research to the market

Azienda Special Innovhub

Innovhub – Stazioni Sperimentali per l’Industria (Innovhub – SSI), Special Agency of Milan Chamber of Commerce, is a national center for research, innovation and technology transfer.
Its main goal is to provide solutions to companies’ needs, operating specifically within the textile, carton and pulp, combustible materials and oils, greases, detergents and varnishes sectors; it also supports public administrations willing to enhance national economy competitiveness, through the promotion and support of innovation and scientific / technical development.
ISSI is an institution for applied research, with the specific aim of promoting technical and technological progress in the fields of competence of each of the Divisions by which it is composed.
Today we are one of the most important institutions for applied research in Italy.

The Detergents and Surfactants Department (D&Sd) developed a long experience in managing technical matters coming, above all, from industrial and institutional subjects, on international, national and regional scale. A great number of project dealing with innovation and research let the D&S Department to became primary partner of many international industrial realities in the development of their products


Meaning of the partner to the project

ISSI will contribute to the project with surfactant application testing. 
That way, it will be possible to obtain initial data and possibly narrow down the targeted markets to these applications where bola-sophorolipids behave similar or ideally perform better than current surfactants.
The tests have the following aims:
• to establish the conditions for molecular stability
• to establish the type of product the molecule inserts into
• performance testing both assessing primary efficiency (stain removal) and secondary effects of washing ( rinseability, mildness on fibers, colours, surfaces, etc).
The tests will cover all cleaning applications (laundry detergents, hand dishwashing products, dishwasher
detergents, hard surfaces, all-purpose cleaners and products for toiletries), application in cosmetics (particularly antimicrobial effect and skin compatibility), technical applications (e.g. paper production) and conventional food applications.